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TLE Tilt Machine

The TLE Tilt Machine is an innovative solution that integrates the possibility of performing tilt tests on palletized units in a simple, fast, and repeatable manner, always obtaining accurate results

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This technological novelty stands out from market alternatives that require more elements to carry out such tests.

The innTilt family is a useful tool for packaging optimization and can also be used as a quality control tester, as the repeatability is guaranteed.

The TLE is designed to automatically perform tilt tests and measure the deformation of the load throughout the test thanks to the high-precision sensors it incorporates. The data obtained during the test can be easily exported for analysis.

The solution features an independent and intuitive controller in display format to configure the test parameters and execute it automatically.

Additionally, it is possible to combine the Tilt Tester with the vision measurement system, the innVision ST, composed of a high-speed camera and software to measure the deformation of the unit load. After performing the test, the system generates a report containing all the information related to the deformation experienced by the load unit, reducing analysis times by over 90% compared to standard manual procedures.

The use of Tilt tools allows for regular testing, enabling technicians to better understand the distribution process and make changes to reduce product exposure to transportation threats.

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EN 12195 Standard

Designed in line with the EN 12195 standard used to ensure load retention in road transport. Specifically, Annex D2 testing is employed to validate lashing systems for road transport.

By applying the equations defined in the standard, an equivalent acceleration is achieved based on the coefficient of friction between the surface and the element under study.

Advantages of using the Safe Load Testing Technologies Tilt Machine

  • Allows evaluating the behavior and stability of materials and loads when subjected to constant acceleration forces during handling and transportation.
  • The TLE allows for automatic tilt tests, measuring load deformation during the test.
  • The use of the Tilt Machine guarantees the execution of tests quickly and easily, with high repeatability.
  • The machine requires basic maintenance.
  • With the innVision ST system, it is possible to measure load deformation using computer vision, reducing analysis times by over 90% compared to standard manual procedures.

Furthermore, the new Tilt tool allows:

  • Checking if the packaging is sufficiently resistant or not in a controlled environment.
  • Measurement of packaging material properties under prolonged static accelerations.
  • Reduction of packaging material.
  • Regular testing helps better understand the distribution process, enabling changes to reduce product exposure to transportation threats.
  • Faster and more accurate decision-making and improvement in response times. The more information available about the material, the better decisions will be made regarding package design and the distribution process.
  • Decrease in risks while maintaining product quality and properties.

The new tilt tool allows for automatic and repeatable tilt tests to optimize and validate packing and loads

The tilt machine is available in two models according to the weight of the load to be tested. You can choose between the TLF500 for loads up to a maximum of 1500 kg and the TLF200 for loads with a maximum weight of 2000 kg. In both cases, the maximum tilt angle is 30 degrees with a maximum tilt of 0.5 g.


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