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Tilt testing

Tilt testing involves a very simple premise: replicating the effect of gravity during the simulation. To this end, the load is tilted in a controlled manner, simulating the effects of this motion on the stability of the load.

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For the performance of this test, the load is tilted until it reaches a predetermined tilt or until failure, observing how the package reacts in order to improve it. Then, the package tilt simulation evaluates the resistance of cargo securing systems.

The innTilt family is created in line with the EN 12195 standard for an intuitive performance of this simulation, enabling the obtainment of accurate results.

Performing tilt simulation testing enables companies to enjoy a series of benefits:

  • On one hand, it is a simple method to ensure that the cargo maintains its rigidity during transportation. This means that this method is highly recommended as a test to be performed at the end of the production line.
  • In addition, this method is highly recommended throughout various phases of the analysis of a package, such as quality control systems or when comparing different packages during design.
  • Tilt simulation is also particularly important at a time when sustainable package initiatives are being lauded and incentivized both by government bodies and the end customer. Performing tilt testing therefore enables companies to reduce packaging materials and their weight, optimizing the packaging of unit loads and increasing their sustainability.

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