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Shock & Vibration Data Recorders

Shock & Vibration Data Recorders

The SF-DR4 is a shock and vibration data logger with a high performance piezoresistive accelerometer, a secondary capacitive accelerometer.

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Environmental Data Logger field instruments by Safe Load Testing Technologies offer a versatile and reliable solution for the precise measurement and continuous monitoring of loads transportation across diverse environments. Ensuring the integrity of critical shipments during transport is paramount, as cargo is exposed to multiple dynamic hazards, including loading and unloading accidents, rough roads, sharp acceleration, braking, and turns, dropped packages, and harsh railcar coupling. Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Environmental Data Loggers are built with durable, rigid aluminum chassis, ensuring high-fidelity measurements and reliability. products and assemblies. The Environmental Data Logger models stands out as a high-performance field data recorder, offering an autonomous, rechargeable platform for tracking the movement of critical assets throughout the supply chain. It features an internal triaxial accelerometer that captures complete, full acceleration time-histories for all three channels, including its capability as a self-powered instrument. The SF-DR4-04 model excels in quickly and accurately characterizing vibration, shock, or environmental profiles, and uploading the data for analysis with the new and intuitive innSoft-Analyzer software. This critical information aids in the design/optimization of packaging to ensure the safety of goods. The SF-DR4-03 model further includes environmental sensors to better understand the actual conditions of the distribution cycle.

Why choose Safe Load Testing Technologies Shock, Vibrations and Environmental data loggers?

The DR4 Shock and Vibration Data Recorders introduce new designs that enable continuous recording of triaxial vibrations, accelerations, pitch, and roll motions, and shocks inside trucks, ships, or aircraft throughout the supply chain. The innRecord family can record routes based on the strength and frequency of vibrations during transport (PSD) in three dimensions and rotation in two axes (pitch and roll). All data is meticulously recorded, allowing for the reproduction of recorded routes in the vibration simulator tester for packaging optimization. Additionally, the collected data can be used alongside the innDrop, innSlide, inWave, and innShock families to replicate the transport conditions experienced by the cargo.

New features

More integrated sensors – All included in the unit

Leading the market, the new DR4 models include more impressive sensors, such as the gyroscope or the magnometer.

  • High-performance primary capacitive triaxial accelerometer up to 40G for acceleration measurements with sampling frequency up to 4000 Hz.
  • High-performance secondary piezoresistive triaxial accelerometer up to 2,000 G for shock measurements with sampling rates up to 20,000 Hz.
  • In addition to pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, the data logger also includes other powerful sensors:
    • Gyroscope (to measure tilt and speed change in Pitch, Rall and Yaw).
    • Magnetometer.
    • Light (Useful to know if the package or vehicle has been opened. This sensor is capable of capturing the intensity of visible and ultraviolet light at a frequency of 4 Hz. This sensor is not calibrated and is designed for rough relative measurements only) .
    • Microphone (records at the same speed as the other analog channels (up to 20 kHz).

Innovative analyzer software innSoft, developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies

Intuitive and easy-to-use software for the analysis of transportation simulations (vibrations, bumps, pitch and roll)

  • Generates an automatic report, profile and charts.
  • Includes a box tool to obtain PSD breakpoints for shaker simulation. With the tools of the box it is easier and faster to obtain personalized PSDs according to:
    • PSD for three orthogonal axes for 100% CDF events.
    • PSD for three orthogonal axes for the events of the highest 20% and the lowest 80% of CDF
    • Chance PSD overlays at 80%, 90%, 95%, 99%, and 100% “at or below levels.”
    • Statistical distribution of the RMS level
  • Quick and easy setup, quick scan and batch file conversion:
    • FFT analysis, PSD, Spectrogram, Digital filtering.
    • Export data to CSV and Matlab.

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