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The recording of impact and vibration data is essential to understand the hazards faced by the cargo or pallet during its transportation and distribution. Impact and vibration data is collected using a portable device, the innRecord.

¿What is the Shock Recorder?

A Shock and Vibration Data Recorder is a data logging device specifically designed to capture information related to impacts and vibrations. This equipment is used in a variety of applications, such as strength testing, impact research, assessing the vibration of loads or pallets, and other situations where it is fundamental to measure and analyze the effects of shock and vibration forces.

¿How to use the Data Recorder? Step by step

Set up the parameters for the route we are going to take

  • Sampling rate
  • Recording conditions
  • Set a start time and date.
  • Define the event or trigger for the recording: specific acceleration, humidity, temperature, etc.

Place the recording device

  • We should choose the innRecord device model that best suits our purposes. There are two models of Data Recorders that record vibrations and impacts during transportation: DR03 and DR04. Both have a wide range of sensors to record everything that happens to the cargo. Additionally, the DR03 allows for GPS location recording.
  • The impact and vibration recording devices, innRecord, can be placed on the pallet, on the truck’s wall, or on the primary packaging, depending on the data we want to record.

Other relevant data about the innRecord devices

Accelerometers of the innRecord devices:

  • Up to 100g: Allows for recording high accelerations and capturing the event that triggered the recording, pre-trigger.
  • Up to 40g: Records acceleration with higher sensitivity and lower noise levels.

Types of events recorded by the innRecord

Two types of events can be extracted from the accelerations recorded by innRecord:

  • Vibrations generated during transportation and calculation of the Power Spectral Density (PSD). Both linear and angular vibrations are recorded.
  • Instantaneous accelerations, such as bumps, curves, and sudden braking. Some of them have durations of milliseconds, while others can last up to several seconds.

innRecord features

  • Durable recording battery, up to 5 days of continuous recording.
  • Two models of innRecord, DR03 and DR04.

innRecord devices are capable of storing a large amount of information in a compact size. The Data Recorders obtain accurate and relevant data for packaging and load testing, their main advantage is that they are small devices that are easy to transport and place.

How to analyze the data recorded by the Data Recorder?

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, our team of engineers has developed exclusive software to analyze the information recorded by innRecord devices and obtain precise data while filtering it accurately.

The innovative innSoft Analyze software is used to analyze and filter impact and vibration data.

Advantages of using innRecord + innSoft Analyze:

The combination of these two technologies allows you to recreate the impacts and vibrations that the merchandise experiences in your laboratory. The use of innSoft Analyze is easy and intuitive. It allows you to save the record of your test on your computer and consult it when making decisions that affect the design and structure of the pallet.

If you have any questions or doubts about our equipment, Safe Load Testing Technologies will be happy to address them. Contact us and schedule an appointment with our technical team.