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In the field of transportation and packaging, understanding the dynamics of impacts and vibrations is essential to ensure the safety and integrity of the transported product.

The Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder is crucial in this process, as these devices provide detailed information about the environmental conditions that packages and goods endure during transit.

This section will delve into the fundamental concepts of Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorders, their significance in environmental monitoring, and their role in maintaining product-packaging integrity standards.

Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder: What is and how it work?

A Safe Load Testing Technologies Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder, also known as Data Logger or Data Recorder, belongs to a product family called innRecord, designed to monitor the transportation of goods. Thanks to its internal triaxial accelerometer and temperature and humidity sensors, this innovative technology enables precise and continuous measurement and monitoring of the movement of goods in various environmental conditions and modes of transportation.

Safe Load Testing Technologies’ Data Recorders are classified into two models, the SF-DR03 and the SF-DR04, to meet specific monitoring needs for cargo or transportation scenarios. These devices are designed to perform precise data collection over several days in challenging environments. The data recorded by these devices is essential for industries where product safety is paramount

Understanding the mechanisms behind a Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder is key to harnessing its full potential. This section explores the technology of these devices, their sensor types such as accelerometers, and their data storage capacity. This technical insight aligns with Safe Load Testing Technologies’ commitment to innovation and advanced solutions

Applications of Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorders: Monitoring Instrument

The Data Recorder can monitor, record, and store transportation information. The application records key events when user-defined threshold criteria or parameters are exceeded.

Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorders, such as the SF-DR3 and SF-DR4, are crucial instruments in transportation and packaging monitoring and analysis. These devices feature advanced piezoresistive and capacitive accelerometers to measure vibrations and shocks. Furthermore, they are capable of identifying changes in speed, direction, inclination, and vibration, creating a precise record of the transportation cycle.

innRecord devices can continuously record routes based on the strength and frequency of vibrations during transportation in three dimensions and rotation on two axes (pitch and roll).

The Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder is capable of characterizing vibration and shock profiles and uploading the data for analysis using the innSoft-Analyzer software. This is essential for packaging design and optimization, ensuring the safety of transported goods.

The DR4 models also include additional sensors such as a gyroscope, magnetometer, light sensor, and microphone, enhancing their versatility and accuracy. Moreover, the SF-DR4 includes environmental sensors that help characterize the real conditions of the distribution cycle.

Advantages of Using a Data Recorder to Monitor Your Goods Transportation

The associated software is intuitive and user-friendly, generating automatic reports, profiles, and graphs. It includes a tool for obtaining PSD (Power Spectral Density) breakpoints for shaker simulation, making it easier to obtain customized PSDs. This combination of advanced hardware and software makes the SF-DR4 Data Recorders comprehensive solutions for transportation and packaging monitoring and analysis.

Vibrations during the transportation of goods can stress the cargo and lead to damage to the merchandise. By using a device like the DR03 or DR04, vibrations and their impact on the cargo can be recorded. Additionally, the Data Recorder stores vibration data for testing and replicating the cargo distribution process from the laboratory.

Furthermore, these devices enable companies to assess the severity and types of risks present in the transportation route and decide whether to alter any aspect of the shipment. At times, potential transportation issues and risks can be resolved through proper pallet wrapping or by rearranging the cargo layout inside the transport.

Shock & Vibration Field Data Recorders Models

Data Recorder DR03

The DR03 Data Recorder allows for recording the pressure, temperature, and humidity experienced by the goods inside the transport.

  • A versatile and reliable device with intuitive operation that enables characterization of vibrations, shocks, and environmental profiles, and facilitates easy data analysis using the innSoft-Analyzer software.
  • It offers customizable sensor packages and traceable NIST calibration, ensuring measurement quality.
  • Its portable design and stand-alone measurement system with integrated sensors, storage, and WiFi connectivity make it ideal for critical applications where precise data capture is essential.
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Data Recorder DR04

The DR04 Data Recorder is a high-tech device with the following benefits:

  • An autonomous measurement system with sensors, storage, and rechargeable battery that can be configured in minutes through a USB interface.
  • It provides multiple accelerometers for a wide dynamic range, as well as numerous integrated sensors in a single system. User-programmable activation conditions and sampling frequencies.
  • Calibrated with NIST-traceable accelerometers and offers ample storage capacity for billions of data points.
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Key Advantages of Using The Data Recorder

  • Safety Optimization: Continuous monitoring of transport conditions, enabling the detection of potential issues before they escalate into serious incidents.
  • Route and Process Optimization: By gathering detailed data about the transport environment, companies can identify patterns and trends to optimize routes and processes, reducing operational costs and delivery times.
  • Regulatory Compliance: They assist companies in complying with strict regulations, providing documented evidence of maintaining proper conditions during transportation.
  • Reputation Enhancement: Demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality, attracting customers and business partners.
    Informed Decision-Making: The collected data provides valuable insights for adjusting processes and achieving continuous improvements.

If you want to learn more about our advanced shock and vibration data recorders and how they can benefit your company in the field of safe load testing and analysis, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We are here to answer your questions, provide technical guidance, and assist you in finding the most suitable solution for your needs.


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