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Its aluminum case improves reliability in harsh environments and extends its frequency response.

SF-DR4-01 Shock & vibration data recorder

The SF-DR4-01 offers an impressive 4000mAh battery to allow for longer recording times from our sensors.

Product characteristics

  • Convenient, Adaptable and Reliable
  • Standalone wireless measurement system Integrated sensors, storage, WiFi connectivity and power
  • Selectable high-performance accelerometers Variable capacitance, piezoelectric and piezoresistive Selectable measurement range from 16 g to 2,000
  • g Selectable sampling rate up to 20,000 samples per second
  • Up to 8 billion data points of memory
  • Built-in sensor suite Gyroscope, magnetometer, pressure, temperature, humidity and light Now includes GPS and microphone
  • Activation from sensors and/or based on time
  • Long-day rechargeable battery life Extend battery life with activation and/or external power
  • Simple USB interface for downloading and uploading
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Trusted by over 2,000 different business customers

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