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Safe Load Testing Technologies recently took part in the ISTA Forum 2024, organized by the International Safe Transit Association.

Spread over several days, the forum offered workshops, expert-led sessions, and pivotal keynote speeches, focusing on cutting-edge practices in packaging and preservation.

ISTA Forum 2024

ISTA Forum 2024 at a glance

Key Discussions and Concerns:

  • Sustainable packaging: A major theme throughout the forum was the push towards more sustainable packaging solutions. This included exploring the balance between protecting products during transport and minimizing environmental impact. The discussions addressed various strategies for reducing packaging waste and incorporating more recyclable materials.
  • E-Commerce Impact: The rise of e-commerce has significantly influenced packaging needs, emphasizing the need for durable yet sustainable packaging that ensures product safety from transportation to delivery.
  • Technological advancements: There was a strong focus on the integration of new technologies in packaging, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for real-time tracking and temperature control, especially for sensitive products. These advancements are crucial for enhancing the efficiency and reliability of global supply chains.
  • Regulatory and compliance issues: Presenters also tackled the complexities of navigating global regulations concerning packaging, especially those related to environmental compliance and safety standards.

Safe Load Testing Technologies at ISTA Forum 2024

Safe Load Testing Technologies proudly announced its participation as a bronze sponsor at the ISTA Forum 2024, highlighting our ongoing commitment to the global packaging community. Additionally, our commercial team, including Jorge Ferrer and Melodie Melenchon, had the pleasure of participating in the event with industry experts Randy Bloom and Kevin McIntosh from W5.

Safe Load TT transport simulation solutions

The Safe Load Testing Technologies team has over 25 years of experience in transportation simulation and packaging engineering.

Safe Load Testing Technologies can significantly enhance the efforts of companies aiming to optimize and sustain their packaging by providing advanced transport simulation solutions. Here’s how they can help:

Advanced Simulation Tools: Safe Load offers a range of transport simulation machines that can replicate various transportation conditions. These tools allow companies to test their packaging against specific stresses such as vibration, impact, and compression, which are common during shipping. This helps in refining packaging designs to ensure maximum protection with minimal material use.

Customization and Precision: With the capability to customize tests based on specific logistic routes and conditions, Safe Load Testing Technologies enables companies to precisely evaluate how their packaging will perform under the most realistic circumstances. This targeted approach helps in fine-tuning packaging structures and materials, promoting both efficiency and sustainability.

Material Testing and Innovation: By leveraging Safe Load’s testing technologies, companies can experiment with innovative, sustainable materials under controlled simulation scenarios. This helps in identifying which materials perform best in terms of durability and environmental impact, assisting businesses in making informed decisions about material selection that align with sustainability goals.

Data-Driven Insights: Safe Load Testing Technologies equips companies with detailed data and analytics on packaging performance. This insight is crucial for continuous improvement, allowing companies to understand the effectiveness of their current packaging strategies and make data-driven adjustments to enhance both performance and sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards is simpler with the help of Safe Load’s simulation machines. These tools provide the necessary data to prove that packaging meets the required regulations, reducing the risk of product recalls or compliance issues.

Training and Support: Beyond just providing technology, Safe Load offers comprehensive training and support to ensure that companies can maximize the benefits of their simulation equipment. This helps businesses not only in understanding how to use the machines effectively but also in integrating the insights gained into their packaging development process.

Forging ahead: Safe Load’s vision for future packaging solutions at ISTA Forum 2024

Our involvement in the ISTA Forum 2024 underscored our commitment to innovation and sustainability within the packaging industry. By actively participating in this pivotal event, we demonstrated our dedication to developing packaging solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.


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