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Since Amazon launched its ISTA 6 packaging and Frustration-Free Packaging program, companies that distribute through the e-commerce giant have had to adapt to these new requirements imposed by the platform. Our Amazon Lab was therefore created to provide an effective and simple solution to distribution companies, so that they can pass the ISTA 6-AMAZON testing methods and continue to sell through their distribution channel.

Here we tell you what Amazon Lab is and how it can help you distribute safely on Amazon and optimize your packaging.

What is ISTA 6-AMAZON and the Frustration Free Packaging program?

In 2019, Amazon decided to take a step forward to standardize the packaging used by companies that distribute their products on its platform.
This resulted in the development of the Frustration-Free Packaging program, which aims to improve the customer’s packaging experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

To this end, it established four requirements that must be met by the packaging of those who wish to distribute on Amazon:

  • Optimize packaging material to minimize packaging waste.
  • Guarantee that the packaging fulfills its protective function and that the product arrives safe and sound to the end consumer.
  • Encourage the use of recycled packaging materials.
  • Facilitate opening of the package.

ISTA 6-AMAZON is therefore a complete testing method for packaging, ensuring that companies distributing through Amazon meet these requirements.

In other words, passing the ISTA 6 packaging testing methods means that the load will be ready for shipping upon arrival at the Amazon plant and will not need to be repackaged, which is an additional expense for the distribution companies.

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Amazon Lab: the solution for testing packaging according to the Frustration Free program

ISTA 6-Amazon presents a series of simulations that test packaging and how it reacts to hazards in the distribution cycle. This way, it is possible to foresee the response of the packaging to these contingencies, in order to optimize it and ensure that it will fulfill its function: to protect the load inside.

In response to this new standard, at Safe Load Testing Technologies we have developed our Amazon Lab, a complete solution to perform ISTA 6-Amazon testing methods.

Our Amazon device lab is composed of the following machines, all of which are capable of meeting the testing requirements outlined in ISTA 6-Amazon:

Drop tester

Free-falls and rotational impacts are one of the most common threats to packaging integrity during the distribution cycle. The Drop Tester, that is part of the Amazon Lab, can simulate these impacts, including edge and corner drops, thanks to the incorporation of an arm mechanism.

In addition, this Safe Load TT machine has been designed for intuitive use, so that the test is as simple as placing the load on the lifting surface, selecting the height on the screen to release the load and pressing the button to start the test.

As part of our policy to allow equipment customization, we have designed different systems, each one adapted to the type of load to be transported and its volume.

Compression tester

Our Compression tester allows to test the packaging against compression forces and to carry out the creep test.
This is an essential part of the Amazon Lab and ISTA 6-Amazon tests, as it allows to check that the chosen packaging will comply with the Frustration-Free Packaging program and withstand the potential compression due to stacking.

Vertical vibration system

The vertical vibration system simulates the vertical vibrations caused by various types of transportation, including rail, air, sea, among others.

As an added value, it is possible to incorporate in the equipment our patented Pitch&Roll system. This is a technology that can simulate the pitch and roll movements that might occur during the transport and handling of loads. In this way, the equipment generates more accurate results.

Inclined impact tester

The inclined impact equipment, also part of our Amazon Lab, allows to simulate the horizontal impacts that can affect the stability of a load during the distribution cycle.

Intuitive to use and supporting loads of up to 2000 kg, it enables compliance with the ISTA 6 packaging requirements by testing the protective capacity of the product+packaging system against inclined impacts.

Clamp tester

The Clamp tester is a specific tool for predicting the resistance of packaging to horizontal pressures and vertical movements typical of automated storage.

Therefore, the Amazon Lab is the most complete solution available on the market to perform the ISTA 6-Amazon testing methods established by the e-commerce giant. The solutions that integrate this laboratory can be sold as a set or separately, so that each company can complete its laboratory based its needs.

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