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Pitch & Roll Module

The Pitch & Roll Module simulates the pitch and roll movements on an existing vertical vibration table.

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Revolutionizing vibration testing: transform your existing vertical vibration table into an innovative 3-axis vibration tester with our patented P&R module

Using the patented technology of our P&R Module, we are able to update an existent vertical vibration table, no matter the manufacturer, into an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes to measure: Vertical, Pitch & Roll

Currently, different studies prove that loads are not just affected by vertical vibrations, but by pitch and roll movements.

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Pitch & roll module advantages

  • Custom desing – Customized design to fit in your existente machine, no matter the manufacturer.
  • Less inversion – The installation of the pitch & roll module is cheaper than a complete vertical vibration + pitch & roll system.
  • No extra seismic mass needed – Doesn´t need an extra foundation or seismic mass
  • Independent controller – Completely independent module controller.
  • More realistics simulations – Closer to reality simulations.

Real world vibration testing simulations:

The Pitch and Roll module allows you to customize any existing vibration table to perform vibrations closer to reality simulations. The module is characterized by a cost-effective installation since no additional seismic mass is required. It also includes a module control for intuitive and easy use.

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