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2019 will show to be a key year in the advancement of the package testing industry.

In order to successfully navigate this year, it will be necessary to keep in mind the trends that will set the course for the world of packaging testing, with an increasing demand for more sustainable packaging and the influence of new regulations and international standards.

Current status of the package testing sector

The packaging and packaging testing industry is undergoing a moment of change and renewal that is seeing the convergence of several factors.

2018 has confirmed the influence of at least three key trends in this industry, which have taken a lead role in package testing in 2018:

  • The road toward package sustainability.
  • The consolidation and continuous growth of electronic commerce, which is making the demand for quality packaging continuously grow.
  • The approval of new standards and regulations.

These new developments set the stage for the year 2019 and point to significant changes in the package testing industry.

This being the case, staying up to date with trends related to the testing of packaging material may make the difference between a winning business strategy and a setback.

The package testing market in 2018

Trends in the packaging testing industry have pointed in different directions during the year 2018.

On one hand, sustainability has taken the limelight among the issues related to the packaging industry being discussed in 2018 in industry congresses and beyond.

In this regard, many sellers and major international brands have set the goal of offering a packaging that is respectful of the environment.

In other words, most companies are already looking for solutions to propose packages that are recyclable or that can be reused.

In addition, the prohibition of single-use plastics this year by the European Parliament has led to the research of packages that protect the load while remaining sustainable.

On the other hand, another great trend evidenced in 2018 was how electronic commerce is not only here to stay, but is also growing rapidly.

Things being as they are, major brands are already giving an equal importance to e-commerce and retail packaging, always aiming to keep the customer satisfied.

The boom of electronic commerce has brought transformative consequences for the package testing industry, which has seen the demand for packages multiply.

Furthermore, in 2018, different regulations and international standards were established that affect the transportation testing and packaging material testing industries.

One of them is the Amazon Frustration Free program, which seeks to optimize the packages circulating through Amazon’s distribution system.

With this, the e-commerce giant has put in place new guidelines for its sellers, which include the need for package validation by performing the ISTA test.

Access the free guide to understand and complete the ISTA that we have prepared at Safe Load TT.

Another is the coming into effect in all European countries of Directive 2014/47 of the European Parliament. This new regulation aims to improve the rigidity and stability of loads through the application of the EUMOS 40509 method.

Access the free guide that provides step-by-step instructions to comply with the EUMOS 40509 method, prepared by Safe Load Testing Technologies’ transportation testing experts.

Cargo stability (which is important for stretch film manufacturers, for example) has been proven to be a trend in 2018 that will do nothing but grow in this coming year.

The effect of both regulations that were passed in 2018 will mainly be seen next year. For example, those willing to be a part of the Frustration-Free Packaging program will need to certify their packaging before August 1, 2019.

Package testing trends for 2019

By studying the trends that emerged last year it is possible to guess where package testing is headed in 2019.

2019 is set to be a key year for the packaging industry, in which the research of packaging testing methods will be increasingly important.

Generally, advances will be made to accomplish safer loads, a more optimized packaging through packaging testing and less losses due to damaged products.

Material trends

In regard to materials, the importance of using recyclable materials will increase in 2019. This trend will not only apply to packaging: the public is becoming increasingly sensitive on this matter in many areas.

The packaging industry needs to adapt to the demand both by the citizens and by the institutions.

Research in this area, along with the testing of packaging material to find those that are the most suitable, will be essential to adapt a business to the trends of the upcoming years.

Amazon Frustration Free Program

One of the great developments of 2019 in regard to package testing comes from Amazon.

It comes in the shape of the Amazon Frustration Free program – a series of packaging testing methods grouped as part of the ISTA program that are to be complied with by those who use Amazon’s distribution system.

The Amazon Frustration-Free program implies a series of package tests that allow for package validation as per the new guidelines required by Amazon.

Among other things, the program seeks to reduce the amount of packaging necessary to make shipments through its distribution system.

Increase in stability solutions

Regarding package testing trends, we can see an increase in stability solutions.

The enforcement of European Directive 2014/47 in EU member states means paying attention to cargo securing and its stability during transportation.

There is a growing concern in relation to this matter, since it has been proven that 25% of truck accidents are the result of poor cargo securing or stability.

If you want to know more, download our free ebook to comply with the EUMOS 40509 method.

Pitch & roll testing

In regard to package testing, it is also important to try to perform package tests that more closely reflect real conditions.

Here we can mention the Pitch & Roll system developed and patented by Safe Load Testing Technologies, which simulates the pitch and roll conditions that typically take place during transportation.

The Pitch & Roll module can be installed on vertical vibration tables, and becomes a part of this transportation test to offer a testing method that closely mimics real conditions. It can simulate the vertical vibrations and pitch and roll movements with high accuracy, produced by various means of handling and transportation.

New packaging material testing standards

One of the most hard-hitting trends in the transportation testing industry is related to the emergence of new standards for package validation.

Several organizations have established new international standards these last few months that are sure to be trendsetters.

The purpose of these standards is to have an ever-increasing cargo and product safety, and they establish specific packaging testing methods in this regard.

At Safe Load TT we offer you a series of free support guides to understand and apply these new standards.

How to prepare your packaging laboratory for the future

In today’s package testing market, where innovation and research are kings, knowing the trends and staying one step ahead of them has its rewards.

It is vital for companies to keep in mind the major changes that are expected for 2019, both in regard to new standards and to increasing sensitivities such as sustainability.

In order to accomplish this, companies in the package testing industry can do one of two things: acquire new equipment or refurbish existing machines.

Regarding the new machines, we have prepared a guide on the package testing instruments that exist nowadays on the market, and which of them you should choose depending on your needs.

This is the case of Italian Grifal which wanted to adapt to the new packaging testing method landscape, specifically offering its clients package validation services as per ISTA standards.

In this case, we helped Grifal find the package testing equipment that best suited their needs.

If you are looking to adapt to these trends, we can help. At Safe Load TT we offer you our track record of over two decades in the testing of packaging material, working hand-in-hand with businesses and institutions to advance in the correct direction and improve your tertiary packaging in every way.

We are at your service to find personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us and let’s work together to lead your business to success.


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