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Vertical compression forces aren’t the sole form of compression that can impact goods in the distribution cycle. When loads are clamped from the sides for movement, they can also incur damage from horizontal compressions. This is where the clamp tester plays a role—preventing damages associated with horizontal compressions.

What is package clamp testing?

Package clamp testing is an important load test conducted to assess the protective capabilities of a product’s packaging when exposed to both horizontal pressures and vertical motions during storage and handling.

Traditionally, the emphasis in protecting against compression forces has been on vertical pressures, such as those resulting from box stacking or transportation vibrations. However, this approach has overlooked the impact of horizontal compression forces on the products.

This article describes various factors and essential elements pertaining to the clamp test concerning the transportation and storage of packages.

The role of Package Clamp Testing Machine

Package clamp testing machines are designed to precisely and uniformly apply compressive forces to packages, replicating real-world conditions. These machines are equipped with specialized clamps or grips that securely hold the package in place while exerting controlled pressure. The primary role of package clamp testing machines can be summarized as follows:

Quality Assurance:

Package clamp testing machines help manufacturers and packagers ensure that their packaging materials and designs meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. By subjecting packages to controlled pressures, they can identify weaknesses and potential failure points in packaging, allowing for improvements.

Cost Reduction:

By pinpointing weaknesses in packaging early in the development process, companies can reduce costly product recalls, returns, and customer complaints resulting from damaged or spoiled goods. It also allows for optimization of packaging materials, potentially lowering production costs.

Product Protection:

Ensuring the integrity of packaging is crucial for protecting products from damage, contamination, or breakage during transit. Package clamp testing helps identify vulnerabilities in packaging that could lead to product loss or compromise.

Compliance and Standards:

Many industries have specific packaging standards and regulations that must be met to ensure product safety and compliance. Package clamp testing allows companies demonstrate adherence to these standards, uch as the testing protocols ISTA 6-, and avoid legal and regulatory issues.

How Package Clamp Testing Machines work?

Package clamp testing machines, often called Clamp Test Machines, mimic the pressure packages endure during handling and transport. They evaluate a package’s strength and its ability to endure stacking, handling, and transportation, ensuring it remains intact and secure throughout its journey in the supply chain.

The process begins by securely placing the package within the clamp test machine. The machine is then programmed to exert precise and controlled compressive forces on the package, simulating the pressures it would experience in real-world scenarios. These forces are typically adjustable to match various industry-specific requirements and standards.

The Clamp Tester specifically measures the packaging’s ability to withstand horizontal compressive forces, preventing slipping during handling. It is also designed to measure the protective capacity of product packages when are exposed to horizontal compression forces during warehouse automatic storage.

Clamp Tester Components

  • Soft slide by guides
  • Constant rate movement to apply compression
  • Vertical movement to lift the load
  • Easy installation and transport with fastening rings
  • User-friendly controller
  • Predefined test
  • Deformation graph
  • Ethernet USB connection to export data

Benefits of Using a Package Clamp Testing Machine

Enhanced Product Protection: By identifying weak points in packaging design, companies can prevent product damage, spoilage, and contamination during transportation, safeguarding their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings: Package clamp testing and compression testing helps optimize packaging materials and design, reducing production costs and minimizing losses due to damaged or compromised goods.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The quantitative data provided by package clamp testing machines allows for informed decisions about packaging improvements and modifications.

Efficiency and Reliability: Safe Load Testing Technologies’ machines are known for their precision, repeatability, and reliability, ensuring consistent results.

Improved Supply Chain Performance: Robust packaging leads to fewer disruptions in the supply chain, reducing the risk of delays and product shortages.

International Clamp Tests


Utilizing a Clamp Tester is essential for attaining the ISTA 6-AMAZON.COM certification, a critical requirement for businesses aiming to market their products on Amazon. This tool plays a pivotal role in ensuring that packaging is durable enough to withstand the rigors of transportation, such as stacking and storage in warehouses. By rigorously evaluating the packaging’s ability to endure these stresses, the Clamp Tester aids in safeguarding the products against damage, thereby reducing product returns and maintaining customer trust.

The implementation of these international testing standards allows companies to confidently guarantee that their products will reach their destinations safely, significantly lowering the likelihood of damage and the associated costs and disruptions in the supply chain.

The Amazon Lab features the clamp machine as a key component, offering a suite of Safe Load Testing Technologies equipment tailored to fulfill the ISTA 6 Amazon certification criteria.

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