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Samuel Grant Packaging is a British company committed to reducing the impact that packaging has on the environment by delivering optimum packaging solutions to its clients.

Its mission is to advise and help its clients to reduce packaging consumption and waste while maintaining cargo safety and to advise on how all parts of the packaging process can be recycled and reused.

In addition, its commitment to safe cargo transit prompted them to create a new Pallet Testing Laboratory, according to EUMOS standards.

New Packaging Lab EUMOS for Pallet Testing

Unsafe loads cost British companies thousands of pounds in the repair of damaged goods, loss of company reputation and unrecoverable wastage of goods.

Furthermore, badly wrapped pallets can displace products, so significant damage is likely to occur when unstable loads can shift, either during transportation or the loading and unloading process, leading to serious accidents.

Aware of these issues, Samuel Grant has created the most advanced pallet testing facility in the UK, within the Samuel Grant Sheffield branch.

Thus, the company can now test pallets and provide safe wrapping solutions, keeping everyone in the supply chain safe thanks to its Samson Nano stretch wrapping system and the recent acquisition of an innovative Slingshot Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester (innSlide Boomerang) from Safe Load Testing Technologies.

The new Horizontal Stability Tester for Samuel Grant Packaging

Samuel Grant chose the Horizontal Stability Tester Boomerang, the world’s most compact acceleration testing equipment, for its Pallet Testing Lab to measure the stability and rigidity of loads.

This equipment is designed to comply with international standards, such as the EUMOS 40509:2020 test method, which replicates the accelerations, decelerations, and braking that occur during transit and proves how the load will behave on the vehicle.

Adding value with the innovative innVision Pro

In addition to the Horizontal Stability Tester, Samuel Grant includes the latest technology for recording and analyzing pallet stability, the innVision Pro. A unique and market-leading solution for measuring load deformation during simulations in a laboratory setting.

The system captures frame-by-frame images during testing with a high-speed camera. It automatically analyzes them, calculating load deformations and producing a detailed report on load stability and integrity. In this way, Samuel Grant can analyze the packaging deformation and make decisions to guarantee the safety of the unit load.

With these solutions, the company upgrades its packaging testing service to ensure that logistics companies, manufacturers, and ultimately any business needing to ship goods through a distribution supply chain, obtain the optimal packaging solutions for their transportation needs. By placing itself at the forefront, ahead of other companies in the sector.

Packaging Lab EUMOS: Benefits of EUMOS test methods

With the acquisition of the Slingshot Horizontal Stability Tester and the innVision Pro, in combination with its innovative Samson Nano stretch wrapping system, the Samuel Grant team is able to:

  • Provide optimized packaging to correctly wrap the pallet, using the correct film tension and amount of film.
  • Certify the load to exact EUMOS Standards.
  • Ensure safe transport of goods.
  • Reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.
  • Reduce wrapping costs, by choosing the best option for each customer.
  • Thanks to properly secured cargo, many UK companies will secure thousands of pounds in savings for plastic waste and good loss.

Safe Load Testing Technologies, just like the British company, is a member of the EUMOS association. They actively advocate for the implementation of load stability testing methods to ensure the safe transportation of cargo.

Safe Load Testing Technologies further reinforces this mission by delivering cutting-edge packaging optimization and validation solutions. They collaborate with renowned companies such as Samuel Grant, Metropack, Dow Chemical, and Trioplast, assisting them in upgrading their laboratories. Together, they strive to offer customers packaging solutions that are not only safer but also highly optimized.

If you also want to optimize your pallet loads and ensure safe transport, do not hesitate to contact us. We will work to find the best solution for your company!