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The Motovibration Testing System is an electro-mechanical device that allows for transport stimulation by subjecting the package to a series of controlled mechanical vibrations in terms of frequency, amplitude, and direction.

The main objective of the Motovibration Testing System is to evaluate product and packaging endurance by conducting vertical vibration tests.

Motovibration tests can simulate various real-world situations, such as the vibrations experienced by a moving truck.

Motovibration Testing System Features

Revolutionize your testing process with Safeload’s advanced Motovibration Testing Machine – no complex installation required. Our equipment is designed to deliver exceptional performance without the need for specialized foundations, ensuring a seamless setup and integration into your existing testing environment.

Experience the pinnacle of stability with our meticulously engineered systems that impart minimal vibration shocks to transverse components. This feature ensures the integrity of your tests by significantly reducing unwanted disturbances.

Table leveling system

The automatic table leveling system that comes standard with our vibrators provides a precise and balanced foundation for all testing scenarios. This system is key for maintaining consistent accuracy during the simulation of transport vibrations.

Eccentric motors

At the heart of Safeload’s technology are the sophisticated eccentric motors, capable of adjusting vibration amplitude. Unlike conventional rotary tables with a fixed offset, our motors provide dynamic control over the displacement of the vibration wave. This flexibility allows for customization of the test sample’s exposure to different vibration patterns, thus expanding the breadth of tests that can be performed and the fidelity of the simulation to real-world conditions.

Pneumatic system

Incorporating a pneumatic system, our vibrators ensure that the expander is effectively isolated, minimizing the transmission of vibrations and enhancing the precision of the tests.

User-friendly control

Control and precision are at your fingertips with our user-friendly HMI control, conveniently mounted within the electrical cabinet for easy access. The intuitive control system offers an array of vibration testing modes, including:

  • Fixed frequency for consistent, targeted testing.
  • Step-by-step programming for time-based, fixed frequency testing sequences.
  • Frequency oscillation to evaluate product resilience across a spectrum of vibrations.
  • An arbitrary mode that includes parameter settings verification to prevent any equipment malfunction.
  • Furthermore, our advanced systems are adept at capturing vital test data, providing you with the insights necessary for in-depth analysis and quality assurance pursuits.

Up to 5 tons

Our versatile range caters to a variety of testing needs, perfectly suited for evaluating the durability of objects, packaging, and components with a substantial weight capacity of up to 5 tons.

Vibration frequency

Experience the precision of simulating real-world conditions with our equipment’s ability to generate a sinusoidal vibration frequency ranging from 10 to 60 Hz.

Advantages of the Motovibration Testing System

The Motovibration Testing System by Safeload is thoughtfully designed to offer an array of benefits tailored to enhance the testing experience.

One key advantage is the shaker’s construction, which inherently minimizes the impact of transverse vibrations. This ensures that the influence of lateral forces during tests is kept to an absolute minimum, thus providing more accurate results.
What sets the Motovibration Test System apart is its user-friendly control software, designed with a focus on intuitiveness. This makes it accessible even to those customers who may not have extensive experience in testing and analysis, allowing them to conduct performance vibration testing confidently.
Integrated within the shaker is an advanced automatic table leveling system. This feature ensures that the testing platform is always perfectly aligned, facilitating more consistent and reliable testing conditions. Complementing this is the state-of-the-art vibration sensor that delivers precise measurements of shock levels on the table, enabling the monitoring and prevention of potential overloads.
The system is engineered for longevity, requiring only minimal and cost-effective maintenance. This ensures that it remains an efficient tool for the development of new and improved products and systems, providing our customers with a competitive edge in product innovation.
Recognizing the diverse needs of testing centers and laboratories, the accompanying software has been meticulously developed. It offers robust functionality and versatility, catering to the specialized requirements of professional testing and product engineers who need to characterize vibrations swiftly and with precision.

The motovibration system can be used in various tests to obtain precise results regarding the reality of the distribution cycle. In this case, vibration tests are easy to perform, and it is also a technology that is easy to transport. That’s why the motovibration option is a feasible solution for packages weighing up to 5 tons.

Vibration test suported

The Motovibration Testing System is engineered to meet and replicate the vibration testing standards of:

  • ASTM D999
  • ISTA 1A, B, C, D, E
  • ISTA 2A, B

Elevate your testing capabilities with Safeload’s vibration testing equipment – designed for accuracy, built for reliability. Our skilled engineering team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries you might have regarding the Motovibration Testing System.