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Metropack is a French Testing Laboratory that brings technical assistance to the packing and packaging industry and to its users.

The company specializes in conducting physical, mechanical, and atmospheric constraint tests to assist clients in preventing damage and avoiding excessive packaging during the distribution process.  The Vertical Vibration System from Safe Load Testing Technologies will enable them to enhance the accuracy of their tests.

Metropack‘s needs and goals

As the industry has progressed, the company has strived to keep up with new developments and new challenges posed by the new landscape of globalization and international shipping.

Following this line of innovation and attention to new trends, Metropack has detected the need to improve its packaging testing laboratory. In particular, the company seeks to simulate in a more realistic way the vibrations undergone by packaging in the distribution cycle.

Thus, Metropack concluded that by acquiring a new packaging testing machine it would be able to offer added value to its customers.

The Solution for Metropack: an ad-hoc Vertical Vibration System

After analyzing Metropack´s needs and requirements, the decision made was to design a new vertical vibration system for them.

Among the main features, the system includes an actuator with a stroke up to 200 mm and software control able to simulate:

  • Recorded random signals.
  • Random vibrations from international standards: ISTA, ASTM, ISO, IEC and Mil Std as well as bespoke test procedures.
  • Capable of generating non-Gaussian and nonstationary random vibrations.
  • Random-on-Random.
  • Shock-on-Random.
  • Sine-on-Random
  • Vehicle-Trip Synthesizer Software Module: just choose the type of truck
    and road rugosity.
  • Shocks: replication of classical shocks and pulses (half sine, IEC61373).

Installation Process

The installation of the machine took place at Metropack’s facilities in Reims. The technical team traveled to the facilities to carry out the commissioning and training in the operation of the equipment.

According to the words of Jérôme Pellot, co-founder of the company: “It was a pleasure to receive the Safe Load Testing Technologies technical team for the commissioning of a new vibration test system. This machine has an actuator with a stroke up to 20 cm and a DC accelerometer that will allow to work in very low frequency. It will also allow injecting of non-Gaussian signals. Therefore, it will be possible to simulate with even greater reality the vibrations undergone by the packaging through the distribution cycle”

During transport and distribution, packages are submitted to vibrations. By undergoing vibration tests, it is possible to check the resistance of the packaging to these constraints. They also offer the possibility to compare the difference in the behavior of various packaging solutions: either qualitatively through classic tests or quantitatively by instrumenting the test. Indeed, the packaging, through its design, may amplify or dampen the movements to which it is submitted.

Thanks to the vertical vibration system, Metropack is able to perform vibration, both low frequency and random tests.

The fixed low-frequency vibration test is carried out on a mechanical vibrating table that recreates the most powerful transport frequencies.

The low-frequency vibration systems only recreate one part of the transport vibration spectrum. For this reason, it is interesting to perform some random vibration tests.

Road, rail, and air transport all produce random vibrations. It is a combination of frequencies and amplitudes which vary constantly with time. The random vibration tests allow us to recreate vibrations encountered in transport conditions. These tests are carried out on electro-dynamic equipment with a piloting system.

The panorama of packaging testing companies such as Metropack

The packaging testing companies industry is in full expansion, due to globalization, the increase of international shipments and the huge demand for packaging solutions that protect goods in compliance with the main international standards.

In addition, the concern of companies for sustainability is contributing to the increase of research on new materials to allow the production of recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

By purchasing its new vertical vibration system, Metropack takes one step ahead of its competitors, presenting its customers with the latest technologies available in the market, and offering more realistic simulations.

Does your company need new packaging testing machines, but you don’t know where to start? Are you looking to improve your packaging laboratory following the latest trends and methods?

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we put our two decades of experience in the packaging industry at your service. Get in contact with us and let us find the solution that better suits your company.