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The innVision family consists of two high-speed machine vision systems, the innVision ST and the innVision PRO, for recording and analyzing the deformation of the unit load in an easy and intuitive way.

Furthermore, the measuring vision systems are designed to reduce analysis times when compared to standard manual procedures, delivering more reliable results.

innVision ST

The innVision ST system is composed by a high-speed camera and software to measure the unit load deformation, the tilting angle or the rebound produced by a free or rotational fall when tested under laboratory condition.

After completing the test, the system generates a report containing all the information related to the deformation experienced by the unit load, reducing analysis times by over 90% when compared to standard manual procedures.

innSlide family includes in all the Horizontal Stability Testers the innVision ST along with the innSlide SET software to measure load deformation during an acceleration test.

Furthermore, the innVision ST can be used to measure the load deformation after performing, tilt, drop, impact or vibration tests.

The system includes:

  • Software
  • 2.3 MP High-speed camera with a precision range of 3mm.
  • Tripod

This is how innVision ST works!

¿Por qué elegir nuestros sistemas innVision?


We offer companies high-speed cameras to record load deformation second by second. After the analysis of the images, it is possible to see the deformation of the load unit frame by frame and generate a video to visualize the complete test.


The software of the innVision solutions is capable of analyzing the deformation in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos, which show the deformation of the load unit at each moment.


innVision solutions have been created to help companies optimize unit loads. Therefore, they can be used to perform own quality control tests, to measure load stability or to comply with main test procedures or standards, such as EUMOS 40509.


The innVision SET System and the innVision PRO System can be used with different testing solutions, such as:

  • innSlide family: the Horizontal Stability Machines are designed to simulate the horizontal accelerations and decelerations typical of distribution cycles, in order to optimize the packaging to improve its stability and safety, thus avoiding possible damage to the load and/or accidents resulting from it. of bad stowage.
  • innShock family: the Inclined Impact Machine and the Horizontal Impact Machine evaluate the ability of loads to resist horizontal impacts or crushing forces.
  • innDrop: The Drop Machines allow us to know how vertical and rotational impacts can affect the integrity of the packaging and the products. The information obtained by the innDrop family will help design appropriate packaging to protect merchandise during the distribution cycle.

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