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The packaging industry is responsible for designing and producing packaging materials and solutions for various products. The industry serves a wide range of sectors, including food and beverage, healthcare, electronics, and consumer goods.

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Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring product safety during transportation and protecting products from damage, moisture, and contamination.

Emerging technologies have made transport simulation possible for the packaging industry, helping manufacturers to test and validate their packaging designs under different conditions, before launching them into the distribution cycle.

Safe Load Testing Technologies provides the knowledge, technology, and methodologies to measure and simulate the shipping and handling environment.

In the case of packaging products, a complete laboratory is recommended to ensure full optimization of the packaging.

In this way, packaging manufacturers can ensure that their product is able to cope with:

  • vibrations that occur during transport and handling thanks to the vertical vibration testers
  • both vertical and rotational drops of the load with the help drop testers
  • sudden horizontal accelerations and decelerations through acceleration testers, horizontal compression forces produced during automatic storage using clamp testers
  • vertical and lateral compression forces simulated with compression testers
  • or different types of impacts that may affect the integrity of the product thanks to shock testers

With these solutions, packaging companies can develop, design and validate protective packaging and new packaging materials.

Moreover, Safe Load Testing Technologies transport simulation technologies can also help packaging manufacturers to comply with regulatory international standards such as AST, ISTA, ISO and EUMOS. By adhering to international standards, manufacturers can ensure that their products are transported safely and securely, minimizing the risk of damage or contamination.

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