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Learn everything about the EUMOS Standard 40509 and get your cargo safe

With the firm intention of improving transport safety, EUMOS has created the EUMOS standard 40509, whose purpose is to guarantee safety and rigidity of the cargo.
This system affects any company and industrial vehicle that distributes products on the road, as well as transportation companies that provide this service.

What are you going to learn?

  • The current situation in load securing during transportation: Discover the current landscape and challenges faced in load securing during transportation, and effective ways to address them.
  • All about the EUMOS 40509 method: Explore in-depth the EUMOS 40509 method, its requirements and guidelines, to ensure safe load securing and compliance with international standards.
  • Associated tests you need to conduct to achieve it: Learn about the essential tests you must perform to assess and verify proper load securing, ensuring risk-free and damage-free transportation.
  • Choosing the right technology: Discover the most advanced technologies and tools available to efficiently implement the EUMOS 40509 method and optimize your load securing processes.
Step by step guide comply with EUMOS 40509
EBOOKS - ENG - Step by step guide to comply with EUMOS 40509 (#76)

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