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Do you want to perform closer-to-reality vibration simulations?

Pitch&Roll Module: Improve your vibration simulation tests

At Safe Load TT we have created a patented Pitch&Roll Module that simulates the pitch and roll movements on any existing vertical vibration table.
Using the technology of our P&R vibration machine, we can update easily every vertical vibration table into an innovative vibration tester in 3 axes to measure: Vertical, Pitch & Roll.

What are you going to learn?

  • Examine the current state of load securing during transportation and uncover industry challenges and opportunities. Gain key insights to optimize your logistics operations.
  • Learn how to determine if your company needs a Pitch & Roll Module for vibration control during transportation. Discover how this technology enhances product safety and stability.
  • Address frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the Pitch & Roll Module.
  • Explore its benefits, applications, and positive impact on product protection during transit.
  • Discover a successful case study of a leading multinational packaging company that implemented the Pitch & Roll Module technology.
  • Learn about the achieved results and how this solution boosted their competitiveness in the market.
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