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Discover how to become more sustainable with the help of transport simulation machines

Current-day globalized economy implies that there is an increasing number of companies that sell their products internationally, reaching all markets via online platforms. This implies a higher number of goods transported over increasingly long routes, which puts to the test the ability of packaging to protect the products that they carry so that they arrive in a perfect state to the customer. Transport Simulation Machines are the solutions

The scenario that arises based on today’s logistical and transportation conditions is compounded by a newfound awareness about the protection of the environment. That’s why transport simulation machines play a key role in making companies reduce, among other things, CO2 emissions and their waste.

What are you going to learn?

  • The Regulations related to sustainable packaging
  • Sustainable solutions for tertiary packaging
  • Machines that can be used for packaging optimization and testing
  • Benefits of achieving a more sustainable packaging
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We put our knowledge in packaging engineering, transport simulation, tests and regulations at your disposal so that you can apply it to your project

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