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Discover everything about the new version EUMOS 40509: 2020

The logistics and transportation industries and the European standardization committees have been working hard to improve the current standards related to cargo safety. Since the European Directive 2014/47/EU came into effect, regulating the technical roadside inspection of the road worthiness of commercial vehicles circulating in the EU from May 2018. This Directive indicates that any company and industrial vehicle that distributes products on the road, as well as transport companies that provide this service, must ensure that the cargo is packaged and secured safely.

What are you going to learn?

  • Current situation in cargo securing during transport
  • Changes in EUMOS 40509: 2020 compared to the 2012 version
  • Methods to perform the new EUMOS 40509:2020
  • Safe Load TT solutions to perform EUMOS 40509:2020

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