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Drop Tester (More than 100 Kg)

Drop testing simulates the impacts that occurs during shipping and distribution environment. The information obtained by performing drop testing allows companies to save money, minimize damage and losses, while reducing costs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Thanks to the use of the innovative Drop Testers is easy for companies to carry out drop testing to verify and ensure that products can withstand the hazards of the distribution environment.

In order to drop test large products and packages, such bulk containers, palletized products and big package-products weighing up 100 kg, we have created the SF-DP250, SF-DP500 and SF-DP500 models. 

These models include a steel drop carriage that is raised and lowered on a structural steel guide beam by an electrical hoist. 

During the drop test, the load is situated on the carriage, that is accelerate downward, allowing the load to free fall. At the end of the stroke the drop carriage is cushioned by hydraulic dumpers. 

Additionally, together with the machine, we offer optional accessories to get the most out of your Drop Tester.

  • DROPTESTERmore100_01-1200x880_c
  • DROPTESTERmore100_02-1200x880_c
  • DROPTESTERmore100_03-1200x880_c

Optional accessories

  • Bounce vision: the innVision ST captures images during testing drop testing with a high-speed camera and analyzes them semi-automatically. This allows the user to measure the load deformation in an easy way, reducing the analysis time by 90%.

Advantages of using the Safe Load Testing Drop Testers

  • Easy to command drop tests to evaluate distribution packaging’s ability to protect the products it contains.
  • Influencing more sustainable, optimized packaging and product designs.
  • Extremely useful in the design and validating phases to determine the best materials and performing packaging types before launching them to the market.
  • Providing insights for packaging optimization to face the hazards of the distribution cycle.
  • Guarantee the quality of the products delivered, minimizing product losses and reducing costs.

Effortlessly evaluate packaging’s protective capabilities, drive sustainable and optimized designs, valuable in design and validation stages, optimize packaging for distribution hazards, ensure product quality, minimize losses, and reduce costs.


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Drop Tester (More than 100 Kg)

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