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Drop Tester (Less than 100 Kg)

The DP100 is designed for small packages and can be used for simulating different drops like flat drops, edge and corner drop, and drop on hazards. 

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Safe Load Testing Technologies Drop Testers are design to deliver accurate testing in each test, as repeatability is guarantee.

The drop tester includes a release mechanism so that the leaves do not interfere with a free, unobstructed fall and does not impact vertical, rotational or sideways forces to the test, according with ISO and ASTM standards.

The DP100 Drop Tester is offered in two different height, 1250 mm and 2000mm according to the market needs.

  • INNDROP_DP100_01-1200x880_c
  • INNDROP_DP100_02-1200x880_c

Optional accessories

  • Bounce vision: the innVision ST captures images during testing drop testing with a high-speed camera and analyzes them semi-automatically. This allows the user to measure the load deformation in an easy way, reducing the analysis time by 90%.
  • Concentrated impact innDrop tool
  • Foundation kit: this is an extra foundation on the base of the machine that allow to drop from a minimum height of 50mm instead on 300mm.
  • Support block: for ISO 8611 and some ISTA procedures
  • Concentrated impact tube tool: for ISO 8611 and some ISTA procedures
  • Impacting mass: the mass for concentrated impact
  • Hazard box: wooden box for ISTA tests
  • Rotational drop blocks: for ISTA Drop Testing Procedures
  • Rounded edges hazard block: block for ISTA test

Advantages of using the DP100 Drop Tester

  • Easy to command drop tests to evaluate distribution packaging’s ability to protect the products it contains.
  • Influencing more sustainable, optimized packaging and product designs
  • Extremely useful in the design and validating phases to determine the best materials and performing packaging types before launching them to the market.
  • Providing insights for packaging optimization to face the hazards of the distribution cycle.
  • Guarantee the quality of the products delivered, minimizing product losses and reducing costs.
  • Compliance with company, industry and government regulations and main international standards such as ISTA, ASTM, ISO and MIL.

With end-user in mind DP100 is operated by a user-friendly independent controller that allow to easily commands the tests and set drop height and lead the hinged folk up and down.

Additionally, together with the machine, we offer optional accessories to get the most out of your Drop Tester.


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Drop Tester (Less than 100 Kg)

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