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This April, Valencia became the focal point for innovation in the stretch and shrink film industry by hosting the prestigious AMI Stretch and Shrink Film 2024 event from April 23 to 25.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we were proud to participate in this event, contributing not only as sponsors but also taking the stage as prominent speakers. This pivotal engagement allowed us to showcase our leadership in transport testing and share our cutting-edge advancements.

The active participation of attendees in shaping discussions around the future of transport safety and efficiency at the AMI Stretch and Shrink Film 2024 event was a powerful opportunity to drive industry standards forward.


Innovation and leadership in load testing at AMI stretch and shrink film 2024

Several members of Safe Load Testing Technologies attended AMI Stretch and Shrink Film 2024, including marketing team members Lidia Maestre and Lucía Peña, as well as Dr. Manuel Garcia-Romeu. The event featured a variety of engaging activities related to stretch and shrink films, showcasing the continuous advancements in this sector.

AMI stretch and shrink film 2024-Vertical-Vibration

Among the activities at the event was a visit to ITENE, where participants had the opportunity to tour the technological institute and its laboratories. This experience provided attendees with a firsthand look at the latest research techniques and advancements in the field of packaging and load security.

During the visit to the technological institute, participants observed various transportation simulation machines capable of testing Stretch Film and Shrink. Ariana Gómez Tabanera, the Head of the Packaging Systems Testing Laboratory, gave a presentation on the testing processes and the importance of conducting these types of tests. She emphasized how crucial these simulations are for ensuring the safety and integrity of packaging under real-world transportation conditions.

At the event, a live demonstration highlighted a horizontal stability test performed with the innSlide Boomerang by Safe Load Testing Technologies. Dr. Manuel Garcia Romeu, our engineer, and Víctor Gallego González, Coordinator of the Packaging and Transportation Simulation Laboratory at ITENE, conducted the test for attendees. They also comprehensively addressed all questions about horizontal stability to explain the significance and methods of the test.

AMI stretch and shrink film 2024

The innSlide Boomerang is notable for its patented technology, which allows it to replicate real-life transportation movements, especially horizontal accelerations and decelerations that impact cargo load stability. This capability is essential for assessing how well packaging and securing techniques perform under realistic conditions.

One of the machine’s key attributes is its compliance with the EUMOS 40509 standard, crucial for the safe transport of goods across Europe. The innSlide Boomerang also features a user-friendly interface and is customizable for both standard and specific testing scenarios. This adaptability makes it an essential tool for companies focused on improving the safety and integrity of their transported goods.

Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester

Advanced and innovative patented Acceleration Sled to simulate the horizontal accelerations/decelerations that affect the safety and stability of the load.

Discover the innSlide Boomerang

Innovations in Load Stability and Cargo Protection

The highlight of our involvement came on April 25, when Dr. Manuel Garcia – Romeu, an engineer at Safe Load Testing Technologies, delivered a compelling presentation titled “How precise is EUMOS testing in simulating real-world load failures and deformations during road transport?” This presentation captivated the audience with its insightful analysis and detailed exploration of EUMOS testing methodologies.

Dr. Garcia – Romeu’s talk focused on the accuracy of EUMOS standards in replicating real-world conditions that affect load security during transportation. By showcasing various case studies and experimental data, he illustrated the critical role of sophisticated testing in enhancing the safety and efficiency of cargo transport. His expertise not only elevated the technical discussions at the conference but also highlighted Safe Load’s commitment to pioneering innovations in load testing.


Looking forward

The AMI Stretch and Shrink Film 2024 was not only a platform for us to share our expertise but also an excellent opportunity to learn from other industry leaders. The knowledge exchanged here will undoubtedly influence our ongoing efforts to enhance our technologies and services.

Safe Load Testing Technologies remains committed to spearheading the development of innovative solutions that enhance the safety and integrity of transported goods across the globe. We are enthusiastic about the new opportunities that have emerged and anticipate further advancing our leadership in the transport testing industry.


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