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Gathering and analyzing data is crucial for safe and efficient product transportation. Our innSoft Analyze software excels in identifying key route inflection points and potential hazards, making it the top choice for analyzing cargo routes. This precise analysis ensures risks are anticipated and mitigated, safeguarding the product throughout its journey.

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Analyze App

innSoft-Analyze is an advanced software application that enables users to process acceleration and rotation data and valuable vibration and shock information from it. With its powerful tools, this software allows for easy analysis and processing of large volumes of data, making it an essential tool for vibration engineers and researchers.

InnSoft-Analyze includes several modules, such as Vibration Analyzer, Shock Analyzer and AutoInspector (for detecting blank gaps in files), as well as many other tools.

Vibration Analyzer 

Vibration Analyzer is a software that allows you to analyze the vibrations registered during transportation, calculate PSDs and generate reports.

Among its utilities, there are:

  • Analyze triaxial acceleration and rotations (pitch & roll).
  • Customize the analysis parameters and select events of interest among all the detected events for accurate results.
  • Calculate the PSD (Power spectral density) of each event and of the event summary.
  • Simplify and export the PSD to a vibration machine or pitch & roll machine.
  • Calculate the PDF (Probability density function) of the event summary.
  • Export data and graphs, such as PSD, PDF, event time, etc.
  • Generate automatic reports.
  • Load single files or sets of triggered files.

Shock Analyzer 

Shock Analyzer is a software that allows you to analyze acceleration data to detect shocks and prolonged accelerations. In addition, you can filter the detected shocks according to its Gpeak, duration, shock energy, etc.

Among its utilities, there are:

  • Analyze triaxial acceleration to identify shocks and long duration accelerations.
  • Customize the analysis parameters and filter the events according to Gpeak, duration, shock energy, delta V, etc.
  • Calculate the SRS (Shock response spectrum) and estimate the equivalent drop height of the shocks.
  • Export data and graphs, such as the shock graph, SRS, event ball chart, etc.
  • Generate automatic reports.
  • Apply a low pass filter to the signal.
  • Load single files or sets of triggered files.

AutoInspector Analyzer 

AutoInspector is a tool designed to analyze large continuous files and detect the parts of the recording where the vehicle was stopped, to reduce analysis time and disk space.

It has the following utilities:

  • Load large continuous acceleration and rotation files.
  • Select the minimum stop time to detect.
  • Select the regions of interest and export the assembled file.
  • Calculate the PSD of the sections and the whole assembly.
  • Export the data to Vibration or Shock Analyzer

Versatile and reliable software solution for precise analyze

InnSoft-Analyze is a software solution designed to process environmental, vibration and shock data, transforming complex information into actionable insights. This easy-to-use platform offers a suite of advanced tools that streamline the analysis and processing of extensive datasets, making it indispensable for vibration engineers and researchers. It features comprehensive analysis capabilities, enabling users to examine recorded data both in the time and frequency domains. Users can conduct summary analyses on either singular or multiple events.

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