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We build high quality, precise and innovative technology

About us

We have developed industry-leading knowledge of packaging engineering and transportation simulation over the past 22 years from our staff’s experience in researching and developing new methods and equipment to optimize distribution packaging.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we are convinced that our solutions can contribute to making the world a safer and more sustainable place.

We strive for our solutions to help make packaging, transport and distribution safer and reduce packaging waste and CO2 emissions.

The main objective of Safe Load Testing Technologies is to help our clients to be sustainable, increase safety in the transport of goods and reduce logistics costs. Our specialized knowledge allows us to create efficient and customized solutions for our clients to meet the needs of their projects.

Furthermore, as members of ISTA, IAPRI and EUMOS, we are fully committed to supplying high quality, precise and innovative technology to meet all major tests and procedures.

What do we do

We offer companies our own transportation simulation technology to reproduce the risks, both physical and mechanical, associated with the freight distribution process. In this way we manage to improve the quality of transport and reduce damage and costs.

All our solutions are characterized by advanced technology, intuitive use, innovative design and comply with the safety regulations that guarantee the CE Mark. In addition, all of them also comply with regulations relating to transport simulation tests: ISTA, ASTM, ISO, EN and EUMOS, with the guarantee of maximum reliability and precision by simulating reality in each test.

We offer services with a high added value based on our long experience in the sector.

Our strategy

Our company has focused and specialized in the design and development of innovative solutions for laboratories and universities, large brand owners and packaging manufacturers.

Large companies belonging to the film industry have relied on our solutions to install and start up a test laboratory in their plants around the world, as well as other large companies in the beverage sector, chemical industry, ceramic industry or packaging manufacturers.

Our long experience in the sector, the development of several patents, our R&D department and our customized solutions for the optimization of the product + packaging system make our clients FEEL THE INNOVATION.

Our team


Alberto Tellechea

Alberto Tellechea is the CEO of Safe Load Testing Technologies, an international provider of transportation simulation solutions for packaging optimization and validation.

He is an Industrial Engineer from the ETSII – Polytechnic University of Valencia, mention in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration from the School of Industrial Organization of Madrid.

Alberto has more than 10 years of experience in General Management of companies belonging to various industrial sectors such as machinery, ceramics, plastic engineering and transfer of industrial fluids.

Alberto is currently a member of the ISTA European Board of Directors and a member of the ISTA Gglobal Board of Directors for the USA. In addition, it is a corporate member of the IAPRI association (International Association of Packaging Research Institute), a member of the Global Board of Directors of EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association) and collaborates in working groups of the most important committees in the field of testing. of packaging: IAPRI, ISTA, EUMOS.

Marketing Manager

Lidia Maestre

Lidia Maestre is a marketing professional with more than 9 years of international experience in strategic marketing, branding, project management and business development.

Her international career has allowed  her to have a global vision of the company and the market. Prior to joining Safe Load Testing Technologies, Lidia held various marketing and business development positions for various sectors including industrial, retail, hospitality and tourism.

Graduated with distinction from the University of Applied Sciences of Breda (NHTV), Lidia also has a Master’s degree in Digital Communication and Online Marketing from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Lidia also received her B.A. in International Tourism from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, before finding her passion for Marketing.

Currently, her curiosity and enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge has led her to enter the exciting world of Neuromarketing.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, she brings his expertise in creativity, sales and marketing expertise, and disruptive thinking to create a great brand experience for customers and generate business opportunities.

Digital Strategist Specialist

Lucia Peña

Lucía Peña Salazar is a passionate and experienced professional in the field of digital marketing and communication. With a keen interest in online strategy and a results-oriented mindset, she has showcased her skills in generating innovative ideas and implementing campaigns with excellent outcomes.

Throughout her career, Lucía has developed methodologies tailored to the specific goals of each company or industry. These methodologies encompass everything from planning and executing online advertising campaigns to content strategy development and social media project management. She also possesses skills in identifying market opportunities, analyzing data, and optimizing strategies to achieve established objectives.

In addition to her work experience, Lucía holds a degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation, as well as a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Big Data. She consistently stays updated on the latest trends and practices in the field of digital marketing by participating in relevant training courses, particularly those related to Inbound Marketing. She firmly believes in continuous learning as a key element in this industry and constantly seeks new ways to enhance her skills and knowledge.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, Lucía leverages her expertise in content planning, advertising, organizational abilities, and marketing acumen to drive brand recognition and expansion, while remaining focused on achieving set objectives.

Sales Manager

Jorge Ferrer

Jorge Ferrer is a distinguished electrical engineer with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics. He has experience in sales, project management, renewable energies, and product development.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, Jorge serves as the Sales Manager, where he is committed to using his extensive knowledge to help businesses overcome challenges and promote growth. He is motivated by the satisfaction of contributing to the success of both his own ventures and those of his clients, continually inspired by the transformative impact of technology.

Account Manager

Melodie Melenchon

Melodie Melenchon is a versatile and results-driven professional with a comprehensive background in sales development, support, and logistics management, alongside adept skills in data administration and management of government programs. Her career is marked by her ability to innovate and drive growth, especially for the North America market. 

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, Melodie plays a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships with B2B clients across various industries, including packaging, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. Her ability to understand and anticipate the unique needs of each sector has enabled her to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Melodie’s exceptional communication skills and her strategic approach to customer service have been instrumental in building lasting partnerships, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled support throughout their journey.

Technical Manager

Antonio Madrigal

Industrial Engineer from the ETSII in Ciudad Real, specializing in Mechanics. Antonio has more than 10 years of experience in 3D design and calculation using FEA/CFD for the manufacture of various types of machines for companies in the mining, railway, photovoltaic energy or amusement park sectors.

His extensive knowledge in the design of industrial equipment allowed him to be part of several projects at ITENE, in which several transport simulation machines were designed and patented, including the EUMOS acceleration machine, the drop machine and the vibration table. .

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, he is the technical director responsible for the technological and industrial development of the equipment, industrial property and supplier management.

Mechanical Engineer

Adrián Peláez

Adrián has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specializing in machine design, and holds two Masters degrees from the same university; a Master in industrial engineering and a Master in design of parts and molds for plastic injection.

Adrián has worked as a product engineer in different departments and companies where he has been. For 5 years he worked in the industrial and R&D department of a company that designs and manufactures machinery for the food sector, both for the industrial and HORECA sectors.

In recent years, Adrian worked in a company that designs and manufactures handling material products (mainly pallets, folding boxes and industrial containers) made of recycled plastic.

Currently, Adrian works as a mechanical engineer at Safe Load Testing Technologies, designing transport simulation equipment and assisting in assemblies and installations.

Machine Design Engineer

Roberto Lorente

Roberto is a dedicated and innovative Machine Design Engineer at Safe Load Testing Technologies, specializing in the design of machinery for packaging testing and evaluation. His educational background, which includes a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mechatronics, has equipped him with a robust foundation of knowledge and skills critical to his success and innovation in the industry.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, Roberto’s contributions are characterized by his ability to design and develop cutting-edge machinery that meets the evolving needs of the packaging industry. His work is not just about meeting the technical requirements of
testing and evaluation; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in machine design to enhance efficiency, reliability, and performance. Roberto’s dedication to excellence and his commitment to continuous learning and improvement have made him a
valuable asset to his team and clients alike, ensuring that Safe Load Testing Technologies remains at the forefront of the industry.

Product Development Manager

Manuel Garcia-Romeu

PhD. Manuel García-Romeu is the Product Development Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies. He is Industrial Engineer and hold a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering by ETSII / Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 2008 he obtained the degree of PhD with the thesis “Contribution to the determination and simulation of vibrations and impacts in transportation operations and distribution of packaged consumer products”.

Manuel has a vast experience in packaging engineering, packaging optimization,
transport simulation and load stability, especially in the areas of research, development, and innovation. His research efforts and knowledge have allowed him to be part of a team of experts who patented two machines of great importance for the packaging and transport sector. Furthermore, he has published several research articles in scientific journals and research books and has participated as expert in the most important events of the sector.

Currently Manuel is member of the technical committee of the EUMOS 40509/2012 standard and hold the position of Chairman of the drafting committee EUMOS 40509/20202. In addition, he is member of UNE and expert representing Spain for UNE at DIN Organization Committee CEN / TC 119 / WG 07 and Committee AEN / CTN 49: Containers and packaging. GT3. Evaluation of packaging for transportation. Furthermore, he is a corporate member of the IAPRI association and ISTA).

R&D Engineer

Diego Soria

Diego Soria is R&D Engineer at Safe Load Testing Technologies.

Diego studied Mechanical Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de València, specializing in machine design. As a result of his growing interest in robotics and automated systems, he did a master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the UPV.

At Safe Load, Diego brings his expertise in mechanics, electronics, automation, and programming to contribute to the creation of cutting-edge solutions within the realm of packaging optimization and packaging testing machinery. Additionally, he collaborates closely with Manuel García-Romeu in advancing the development of innAnalyzer, a groundbreaking software designed for impact and vibration analysis that’s integrated into the innRecord Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorders.

R&D Manager

Enrique de la Cruz

Enrique de la Cruz is the R&D Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies. He has more than 11 years of experience in research and development and transport simulation for packaging.

His research efforts and knowledge have allowed him to be part of a team of experts who patented two machines of great importance for the packaging and transport sector.

Furthermore, he has published several research articles in scientific journals and has participated in the most important events of the sector.
Enrique is Electronics Systems Engineering MSi by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) and Physic by the Universidad of Valencia and holds a Master’s Degree.

Currently Enrique participates as an expert at the stability group of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), the technical committee CEN/TC 119 about packaging and security and is member of IAPRI (International Association of Packaging Research Institute) and EUMOS – the European Safe Logistics Association.

China Business Assistant

Jie Shi

A lover of diversity, Jie has a degree in comparative cultures from the University of Ghent, which broadened her desire to interconnect the West with the East.

Jie currently works at Safe Load Testing Technologies as a Business Assistant focused on consulting and support for the Chinese market.

USA West Coast Sales Manager

Kevin McIntosh

Kevin has more than 40 years of experience in vibration and acoustic testing- Serving most recently as the Vice President, General Manager of Test Systems for the NVT Group- Data Physics, Lansmont, and Team Corporation.

Kevin spent 23 years working at Team Corporation in a variety of positions, most of which were in technical sales and service for servo-hydraulic vibration test systems, 16 years at Data Physics in various leadership positions in the electrodynamic shaker business, and just under one year as the Product Line Manager of Vibration Systems with Lansmont Corporation.

Kevin is a member of several industry working groups that define specifications and recommended practices for vibration testing and qualification. Currently, he is the Chairman of the IEST DTE-009 Shaker Selection Working group and he works at W5 Engineering as Senior VP – Reliability Test Systems representing Safe Load Testing Technologies at USA territory.

Central USA & CANADA Sales Manager

Randy Bloom

As founder and CEO of W5 Engineering, Randy has spent 25+ years’ in product marketing, new product development and technical sales. Focusing on product design, validation and reliability test has been a cornerstone of his experience in industries such as aerospace, defense, mining, oil and gas, alternative energy, public safety, medical device and electronics manufacturing.

Most of his time is spent on the road and on site with customers. Randy’s hands-on style reinforces our commitment to delivering the best to our customers and manufacturing partners – which is fitting because whether it’s advanced product qualification testing, automated production test, mil-rugged computing, AI or IIoT implementation, for Randy, it’s all about customer satisfaction.

Within Safe Load Testing Technologies, Randy is responsible for opening business and maintaining customer relationships in Central USA & CANADA market.

USA East Coast Sales Manager

Zee Polus

Zee Polus is mechanical engineer with years of experience as an FAE in aerospace, e-mobility, automotive, Mil-Defense, consumer electronics and medical industries.

With years of Test & Measurement experience, Zee is adept at test application problem analysis and skilled at spotting concerns and performance criteria. He uses customer insights to drive and guide the development of new offerings/solutions. Applications include environmental, reliability/quality testing, shock, vibration, HALT/HASS, thermal testing, and more.

Driven by a positive attitude and customer focus, he establishes and maintains effective customer relationships for Safe Load Testing Technologies ‘ US East Coast market.

Office Manager

Patricia Torres

Patricia Torres is a professional in the accounting field, with work experience in business sectors such as consulting, tourism, food industries, and lumber. She is currently exploring the technology sector with great interest through Safe Load Testing Technologies.

Similarly, during her career, she has held positions and responsibilities in areas of administration, finance, treasury, human resources, promotion, and sales, contributing to her hybrid profile with high adaptability to perform in various work environments.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from UTP-Universidad Tecnológica del Perú and a Master’s in Audit, Accounting, and Management Control from UV-Universidad de Valencia. Currently, she is pursuing a postgraduate specialization in Financial Controller and has a keen interest in topics related to business intelligence and digital transformation.

At Safe Load Testing Technologies, she serves as an office manager, providing support to the general and financial management, resolving incidents, and managing general services. Her goal is to consolidate and direct, with greater efficiency, the processes of planning, organization, and control of the administration and accounting areas.

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