Dow Chemical is one of the most important multinational chemical companies in the world, offering its clients a wide range of different technology-based products and solutions focused on the packaging industry, infrastructure and consumption.

Its solutions include polyethylene resins, adhesives and polymer modifiers for the manufacturing of sustainable, high-performance packages that are capable of:

  • Keeping food safe through packages designed for recyclability.
  • Protecting goods during storage and distribution, using less material.
  • Maintaining a sterile environment for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • Offering freedom of design for cosmetics packages. 


DOW’s needs and objectives

Dow was looking to upgrade its packaging laboratory in order to improve its Pack Studios service. 

Pack Studios is a global service and a network of experts in packaging, equipment and testing, brought together with the goal of streamlining the collaborative development of a better and more sustainable packaging.

With this in mind, expert Dow scientists work jointly with equipment manufacturers, package designers, brand owners and prototype development specialists, resulting in a faster commercialization of new and improved packages.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is among these Dow collaborators. Our main role has been to provide Dow with a Horizontal Stability tester to upgrade its laboratory in Spain. 

There are currently ten Pack Studio locations, strategically emplaced across eight countries in four continents. The connectivity between Pack Studios enables clients to identify and streamline packaging solutions with a holistic perspective.  


Dow’s solution: a horizontal stability tester

The solution chose by Dow is the HS1500SET, an innovative solution used to simulate the horizontal accelerations and decelerations that affect load safety and stability. 

All innSlide family products include an innovative analysis software based on high-speed vision technology called innVision ST. This software -created by Safe Load TT- reduces analysis times by 90% when compared to standard manual procedures.

Dow opted for the most advanced solution, the innVision Pro, an artificial vision system that automatically records and analyzes the deformation experienced by the load when accelerated on the horizontal stability tester. Thanks to its high-speed software, the system registers and analyzes the results in real time, generating an automatic report with photos and videos which shows the deformation of the load unit at all times.


innVision PRO is a leading, unique program on the market, used in transport simulation solutions. This system can be used both as part of personalized tests and when performing testing methods such as the new EUMOS 40509-2020 used to analyze the load. It requires the load’s deformation to be measured after the test (permanent deformation) and also during the test (elastic deformation). To achieve this, the innVision Pro system performs the following steps:

  1. The high-speed camera records the test.
  2. Parameters are input into the program: client, reference, etc…
  3. The program shows the recorded tests, one by one. The deformation of the structure can be known with a single click. This software also measures the deformation when the cargo tilts during testing.
  4. All images can be stored along with the analyzed data.
  5. Once the analysis is completed, the program creates an automatic report containing all the collected data.


How Safe Load TT helped Dow

Safe Load TT develops cutting-edge technology to record and simulate the real forces experienced by a package during shipping & handling along the distribution chain.

Using the purchased horizontal stability tester, DOW will be able to perform various simulation tests as per EUMOS 40509-2020 and US FMCSA requirements.

Moreover, using the HS1500SET, the company can perform personalized tests depending on their needs, since the machine includes innSlide SET, a program designed to perform customized acceleration and/or deceleration tests, such as a truck entering a roundabout.

In this way, Dow upgrades its Pack Studio laboratory by adding a machine that can perform simulations that are closer to real conditions, supporting its research toward developing an optimized and more sustainable packaging.


The landscape of packaging companies similar to Dow

Just like Dow, other multinational companies have relied on our company to build or upgrade their testing laboratories, such as:

  • Trioplast, which acquired a Horizontal Stability Tester to perform the EUMOS method. 
  • BFSV, the German company that assists ship operators and transport companies in controlling damages suffered during transportation, relied on Safe Load Testing Technologies to complete its laboratory by purchasing a Clamp Tester. Thanks to this acquisition, BSFV is now ready to perform the ISTA 6-Amazon protocol.
  • The Italian Grifal company serves the entire packaging production chain: from design all the way to certification, following international standards. In this way, its clients receive a certified, ready-to-use package. With sighs on improving their Packaging testing laboratory and improving the testing services offered to their clients, Grifal purchased a Compressometer and an Incline Impact Tester.

If, just like Dow, your company needs a new package testing machine or if you want to upgrade your packaging laboratory to keep up with the latest methods and trends, at Safe Load Testing Technologies we offer you our track-record of over two decades in the Packaging and transport simulation industry. Contact us and we will find the best solution for your company.

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