CS-TS is a young and dynamic company that focuses on making loading units (pallets) safe for transportation.

The company is the only one in the Benelux that offers a solution to test and certify the loading units on site, thanks to its mobile test lab that includes the innSlide Boomerang Horizontal Stability Tester, created by Safe Load Testing Technologies.

The lab has been developed in such a way that companies only have to prepare their load units and the mobile test lab of CS-TS comes to their facilities to test the loading units and to subject it to the mandatory legal standards to guaranty a safe good transport.

To know more about the work developed by the Mobile Test Lab of CS-TS, Lidia Maestre, Marketing Manager of Safe Load TT speaks to Geert Frans, CEO of CS-TS bv.

LM: Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you about the great work you are doing with the Mobile Test Lab.  I would like to know what are the main goals of the CS-TS? And how did Safe Load Testing Technologies help you achieve them?

GF: Our main goal is to assist companies in optimizing their loading units. This optimization is based on various elements, first of all in the quantity and type of transport packaging that is used, in addition to aligning it with the legal provisions. In Belgium, it is mandatory to offer loading units safely for transport in accordance with the Eumos 40509 standard.

The main added value of Safe Load Testing Technologies is the concept of the mobility of the test lab. Arriving at the company we need another 15 min to be operational.

The innVission PRO software makes it possible to generate immediately a complete report according to the standard. The direct line with Safe Load TT is also important to us and the support that is permanently available. The distance Spain-Belgium is absolutely no obstacle, as we are connected and there is direct access to the soft and hardware.



LM: As you state on your website, companies only need to prepare their load units and the CS-TS mobile test laboratory comes to their facilities to perform the test. So, what are the main benefits of the mobile laboratory?

GF: When goods are brought to a fixed test laboratory, we can say that the transport packaging is at the end of the logistic life. This Transport packaging withstood production, warehousing, internal transport, loading, road transport and unloading. This means that testing can only be carried out on loading units that have already been transported, which normally means the end of the life of the transport packaging.

We do the test immediately after production, with the great advantage and possibility to adapt immediately the way of wrapping, strapping, etc. In this way, we succeed in increasing sustainability by only offering optimal transport units for transport that meet the legal provisions

LM: What makes you different from your competitors? What is your value proposal?

GF: What makes us different from our competitors? First, our complete independence from the packaging industry and the manufacturer. We provide advice without having to sell any packaging materials.

In addition, our mobility. We can test anywhere within Europe. Very important for the customer is that there are no transport costs for the goods, the supply and removal of loading units that are tested. As already mentioned, there is mainly the optimization of the packaging materials to be used.

After 6 months we can already present very nice projects where we offer customers savings of 50% packaging material.

LM: On the other hand, I would also like to know why Load Stability is so important for your company? And why did you choose Safe Load TT innSlide Boomerang over the other solutions on the market for your mobile lab?

GF: Safe Load Testing Technologies assisted us from the first contact with a very passionate young team, with the special technical knowledge that we needed for our project. In addition, there was management support and flexibility which was important for a start-up.

The choice for Safe Load TT innSlide Boomerang came mainly for the very high mobility of the test lab.

“No other European manufacturer could develop and produce such mobility in a highly operational test laboratory. The Safe Load TT team can not only develop a test laboratory in a truck, despite the difficulty due to height and dimensions. Rather, all the potential obstacles don’t exist with Safe Load Testing Technologies’ innSlide Boomerang ”.



LM: What are the packaging test methods that CS-TS offers to its customers to ensure the safety of the transported merchandise while generating significant economic savings?

GF: The Eumos 40509 method is the only test with a legal basis. Another possibility could be a dynamic driving test on a truck, but this is a very expensive method. There is the historic 26.6 ° test, but this is a friction test without measuring the load stability. The basic thing to measure is to know! Based on the measurement, we know where we must and can adjust in the packaging process.

Our customers often produce large numbers of loading units. If we can reduce 20% through our measurements, this provides very relevant added economic value and legal influence on the CO2 reduction.

LM: Upon passing the test, do you certify the load for possible road inspections?

GF: The legal aspect was the first goal in our project. If the customer requires it, we can offer a certificate for their packaging according to the report. This certificate is also provided in the Eumos 40509 standard, not as an obligation but as an option. This allows our customer to comply with the Belgian legal obligation to provide his carrier with all information about the packaging during transport.

We advise our customers about their load securing on the truck, in this way we can deliver a total package of safe transport where we aim for the European goal of zero road casualties.


eumos 40509:2020


Are you looking to create your own testing laboratory? From Safe Load Testing Technologies we have helped many companies to create their own testing laboratories with our innovative transport simulation machines. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the right equipment for your project needs.