Online commerce has overcome geographical barriers, and nowadays companies face a significant logistical challenge – shipping goods anywhere in the world. In light of this situation, there is a growing concern over product delivery conditions. During transport, packages face a number of factors that may lead to damages, such as humidity, temperature shifts, accelerations and decelerations, etc. This is why maximizing cargo securing with EUMOS 40509 has turned into an essential matter across the entire industry.

Aspects such as having a good packaging and being able to control the conditions during the distribution process will prevent losses for the company, and as a result, lead to lower costs. Furthermore, this all influences shipping safety, an objective that the European Union has set its sights on.

“During transport, packages face a number of factors that may lead to damages”

In order to avoid risks and maximize cargo securing, EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association) has created the EUMOS 40509 method, whose purpose is to guarantee the cargo security and rigidity. This system will be mandatory starting this year across the entire European territory for industrial companies and vehicles that ship their products on the road, as well as for transport companies that provide this service.

It is so established in directive 2014/47/EU of the European Parliament and Council, dated April 3, 2014, on the matter of the technical roadside inspection of commercial vehicles circulating in the EU. Its purpose is to increase transport safety targeting zero deaths, and its letter specifies a ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system.’

EUMOS aim is to improve cargo securing during transport

EUMOS 40509: maximize cargo securing

The EUMOS 40509:2012 test method, included in directive 2014/47/EU, is a dynamic testing system used to evaluate the strength and security of a load that is subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations such as those that take place during road transport. It is therefore a testing method targeted at a number of entities in the industry:

  • Packaging laboratories
  • Palletized product manufacturers
  • Load securement experts
  • Roadside load security inspectors

In order to perform the EUMOS 40509:2012 test, it is necessary to count with a specialized machine as the Horizontal Stability Tester developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies.

Companies that have a testing machine as this one will be able to guarantee the cargo securing and will comply with European Directive 2014/47/EU that is to come into effect in May of 2018. This last fact is of significant importance, since starting on that date, industrial transport vehicles may be inspected at any time.

“EUMOS 40509:2012 is a dynamic testing system used to evaluate the strength and security of a load that is subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations”

The Safe Load’s Horizontal Stability Tester can perform a stability test in accordance with the EUMOS 40509 standard which consists of the following testing method:

  • The load unit to be tested is placed in a basket
  • The basket accelerates in the direction of motion with a specific acceleration of k * g for at least 0.3 seconds, and then decelerates
  • The change from a resting situation to the specific acceleration cannot take more than 0.05 seconds

There is also an alternate method, which consists of accelerating the loading basket for a long-enough period and then decelerating with a specific deceleration of k * g for at least 0.3 seconds. In this case, the change from acceleration to deceleration should also take no more than 0.05 seconds.

EUMOS Test for 0.9g - 300ms - 500kg

EUMOS Test for 0.9g – 300ms – 500kg

Benefits of EUMOS 40509 in the load securement during transport

The EUMOS 40509 standard therefore has many advantages for companies dedicated to freight transportation:

  • Evaluation of the strength and safety of a load that is subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations
  • Compliance with European Directive 2014/47/EU
  • Cost reduction resulting from a decrease in packaging
  • Contributing to a greater road transportation safety

Due to all of the above, it is advisable for companies that intend to work with freight transportation across Europe to have a simulation machine that is tailored to the EUMOS 40509 standard. Those companies that have Safe Load’s Horizontal Stability Tester machine will find a number of advantages that are not present in competing systems, such as:

  • The ability to perform personalized tests
  • The ability to design ad-hoc machines
  • Easy to use
  • Simple maintenance
  • Control software developed by Real Vibrations

The following video shows the Horizontal Stability Tester at work:

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