The beverage company is known for offering its clients an unmatched quality, price and service. Its lines of business include selling its own beverage brand and the production and sale of private brands for many of the most important retailers worldwide.

All of this is possible thanks to the fact that  the company manufactures its products with the fastest, most technologically advanced automated  lines in the world. As a result of this efficient manufacturing process, them can improve the quality of its products and reduce its environmental impact and costs, transferring these benefits to its clients.


Needs and objectives of the beverage company

As the company grew and expanded its market, it has strived to maintain its value proposition and improve the quality of its products.

In line with this, the company has focused on innovation in each of its areas – from bottle manufacture and beverage bottling, to its logistical network.

More specifically, its dedication to improving its operations is what prompted the bottling company  to create an in-house packaging testing laboratory using state-of-the-art technology.

Among the solutions acquired from Safe Load Testing Technologies by this American company, we can find a Drop Tester, a Horizontal Stability Tester, a  Compressometer and a Tilt Test Tool

Creation of an in-house packaging testing laboratory

After analyzing the needs and requirements of the ompany, Safe Load Testing Technologies got to work on a project to create a packaging testing laboratory that included three solutions to test the resistance and protection of the packaging, as well as load stability.

Drop Tester

Drop Tester Safe Load Testing TechnologiesThe  company opted for the SF-DP100 Drop Tester model for its laboratory. This solution enables them to perform tests with packages up to 100 kg. 

This model also allows for placing obstacles for the load to impact, and includes a release mechanism that prevents the supports from interfering with the free fall.

Drop Testers allow users to know how vertical and rotational impacts affect the integrity of a package and the products within. The information obtained from the Drop Tester is mainly used to design or optimize a packaging design so that it is able to protect the products during the distribution cycle.

Compression Tester

Compression Tester Safe Load Testing TechnologiesLoads are exposed  to different compression forces during shipping & handling and storage. For this reason the company also added Compression Tester  to its lab, which will enable them to test both load units and smaller items, such as bottle packs. The tests performed using the Compression Tester yield highly valuable information to characterize and design containers and packages.

Using this solution, the multinational is able to test:

  • The primary packaging, in other words, the plastic bottles – with the purpose of verifying that their design is optimal and suitable to protect the beverage within.
  • The secondary packaging, which consists of the shrink wrap that bundles several bottles, with the purpose of making their transportation and handling easier.
  • Tertiary packaging composed of stretch and shrink film, which contains the primary and secondary packages with the purpose of protecting them, avoiding damages to them during the transportation and subsequent storage until the product is sold to the end customers.

Horizontal Stability Tester

This company purchased the innSlide Horizontal Stability Tester. This is an innovative solution for the simulation of horizontal accelerations and decelerations that take place mainly during road transportation. These accelerations cause deformations on the load and damages to the products being transported. With this solution, they able to evaluate the rigidity and stability of the load with the purpose of optimizing the three levels of packaging – primary, secondary and tertiary.

Safe Load Testing Technologies Horizontal Stability Tester operator

Using the Horizontal Stability Tester, the company can, in addition, perform the acceleration tests outlined in the new EUMOS 40509:2020 standard and in the load safety requirements of the United States’ FMCSA.


EUMOS 40509:2020



Are you aware of the latest updates of the EUMOS 40509 standard? Download our free ebook and discover everything about the new version EUMOS 40509:2020




This solution also includes: 

> InnSlide SET software

The Horizontal Stability Tester includes an innovative testing software – innSlide SET –, which enables the company to perform personalized tests. For example, it can simulate the forces experienced by a load when entering a roundabout or combine trapezoidal acceleration pulses.

This novel software, developed by Safe Load Testing Technologies, allows companies to perform non-standardized simulation tests based on the specific needs of their product, distribution cycle or project.

> innVision ST

All machines of the innSlide family include an innovative artificial vision-based analysis software: innVision.

innVision ST analysis

More specifically, the innVision ST system is composed of a high-speed camera and a program that measures the deformation of the load unit. After completing the test, the system generates a report containing all the information related to the deformation experienced by the load, reducing analysis times by over 90% when compared to standard manual procedures.

The machines were installed in the company facilities located in the Western United States. After receiving and installing the machines, the technical team traveled to the facilities to commission them and provide training on their operation.

Tilt Testing Tool

Additionally, the beverage company purchases a Tilt Testing Tool to test palletized unit loads at the end of the line. The objective is to evaluate the deformation of the load to optimize the packaging, achieving the stability of the load and guaranteeing safe handling and transportation.


Benefits of having an in-house Packaging testing laboratory 

Thanks to the creation of the testing laboratory, the beverage multinational now is able to:

  •   Perform tests on new materials and primary packaging designs.
  •   Perform tests to optimize the primary packaging (bottles) during the design and manufacture stage.
  •   Evaluate the resistance and protection of the secondary and tertiary packaging.
  •   Optimize the load unit configuration that results from combining the baled secondary packaging with stretch and shrink wrap.
  •   Test the tertiary packaging (stretch and shrink wrap) to optimize their use, reducing their plastic waste.
  •   Improve load stability during shipping & handling, which reduces losses due to shrinkage. 
  •   Optimize the use of energy and raw materials, which implies major savings for the company.
  •   Convey a good brand image, since the bottles arrive in good condition to the end consumer.  

By building its packaging testing laboratory, the beverage company stays ahead of its competition, offering its clients an end product that is optimized at every level, adding value, maintaining the quality of its products and improving its economic and logistic efficiency.

Are you considering building your own packaging testing laboratory, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to improve your packaging laboratory to meet the needs of the market?

At Safe Load Testing Technologies we put our experience in the packaging and transport simulation industry at your service. Contact us and we will help you find the solution that is best suited to your company.

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