Vibration tests are one of the most common procedures for testing the safety of products during transport. There are dozens of vibration testing equipment suppliers that offer different machines to carry them out. 

But, what is the best option of all? We’ll analyze, one by one, some of the most important vibration test equipment manufacturers

What is a vibration test and why it is required?

Vibration testing simulates the vibration movements of loads during the transport and handling of goods in their distribution cycle. 

Thanks to this test, it is possible to determine the protective capacity of the packaging against contingencies during transport in order to anticipate possible damage to the goods, as well as to optimize the packaging to avoid them. 

A vibration test reproduces the vibrations that occur during transport in a laboratory, and can include different movements: random vibration, sinusoidal sweep vibration, fixed frequency and replication test, among others. 

Vibration analysis equipment manufacturers have two types of test

– The vibration experiment. In this case, a test is carried out on a representative sample of the production volume. This test makes it possible to improve the design of the packaging in such a way as to guarantee the safety of the goods. 

– Vibration Stress Screening. This type of test is made to examine the entire production volume, so that those units that do not exceed it are eliminated. 

Vibration testing is therefore present throughout the entire product development cycle: from the design and production line to the quality test and shipping. 

Performing a vibration test provides several advantages

– It makes it possible to avoid unnecessary expenses resulting from damage to goods during transport. – It is possible to optimize packaging so that there is no over-packaging or under- packaging, as both situations involve financial expenses. – The client is offered a better image of the company as they receive their products intact. 

– Enables compliance with international security standards. Vibration testing is included in many of the security protocols of international organizations such as ISTA, EUMOS, ISO or ASTM. 

Vibration tests are one of the main testing procedures performed to test packaging through multiple systems. To carry them out, there are several vibration test equipment for sale by different manufacturers. 

What is a shaker? How does a vibration system work?

A shaker is a vibration device that produces movements in the structure of vibration equipment. 

Electrodynamic shakers are the most used, as they provide several advantages: they allow vibrations to be performed at higher frequencies, as well as reproducing different types of movements next to the one needed for vibration testing. 

The electrodynamic vibration system thus converts electrical energy from a current amplifier to mechanical vibrations, using the principles of electromagnetism described by Maxwell and Fleming. 

What are the most important vibration testing equipment suppliers ? (Lansmont, Labtone, Asli, etc.) 

Nowadays, there are not many companies that are able to offer vibration equipment according to the current needs of transportation. Most companies and laboratories are looking for the best option for vibration test equipment for sale from the following suppliers: 


This American company is dedicated to manufacturing simulation technologies to discover faults in products and systems and is one of the best-known vibration test equipment manufacturers. It offers three types of systems for this kind of tests: 

– Lansmont’s vertical vibration tables include various types of tables to suit different weights and sizes of the loads to be tested. 

– Its horizontal vibration table is model 6000H, which can be combined with a vertical vibration system. 

– The Trumotion equipment, which combines vertical vibration and pitching and rolling movements in loads up to 8000 lbs (just over 3,600 kg). 


This company is of Chinese origin and offers various types of vibration systems to simulate the transport environment under laboratory conditions. 

In addition, some of their equipment (such as the dynamic vibration testing machine or its vertical and horizontal vibration table) have been designed to meet some ISO and ISTA standards that require vibration tests among other simulations. 


This is another company based in China. Asli is also among the vibration testing equipment suppliers. 

Asli offers several lines of vibration equipment: it can provide machinery for the specific testing of automotive parts, some electrodynamic and high frequency equipment. In addition, it offers the possibility of using vibration equipment integrated in climatic chambers. 

Safe Load TT

Safe Load TT is the European leader among vibration test equipment manufacturers. 

With more than two decades of providing simulation solutions to our customers, we offer vibration equipment and patented solutions adapted to the current transportation demands: 

– Our vertical vibration table entails a series of equipment adapted to the different sizes and weights of the loads to be tested, in order to provide vibration simulations in the context of a laboratory. 

The operation of our vibration tables is based on servo-hydraulic vibration with a frequency range of up to 300Hz, accelerations of 2.5g and capacity to handle packages of up to 1,500kg. 

In addition, it is designed to comply with EN, ASTM and ISTA standards which include vibration simulations. Moreover, it includes, among other features, a standard PSD for tests which is also able to reproduce PSD registered by equipment such as our innRecord. This equipment is also compatible with other data recorders of other brands. 

– The Pitch & Roll module is a system patented by Safe Load Testing Technologies that brings simulations closer to real transport conditions transport. 

This equipment is capable of reproducing the pitching and rolling movements typical of transport, so that it is possible to know the resistance of the package to such threat. 

A comparative analysis between the vertical vibration tables and the Pitch & Roll module demonstrated the need to add this module for multi-axis vibrations, which simulate impossible situations with single-axis machines. 

The Pitch & Roll module can be adapted to any existing vertical vibration table, regardless of the supplier. Safe Load TT’s engineering team studies the existing machine and designs the module for conception and installation. 

In any case, the equipment can be installed in climatic chambers that simulate the real environment in which the transport will take place and the possible threats that it may pose to the security of the goods. 

Some of the advantages offered by this equipment make Safe Load Testing Technologies one of the most reliable vibration analysis equipment manufacturers. Among these advantages, we can mention: 

Intuitive and easy-to-use handheld control systems from Real Vibrations .

– A personal and close customer service with record response times for any technical question. 

– Our commitment to provide customized solutions to each client and to make the ROI for the acquisition of our equipment effective. 

Another reason to acquire your own vibration equipment is to make the cost of the equipment profitable in the medium and long term and to be able to carry out all the necessary tests without depending on third parties. 

Are you looking for the best vibration equipment

At Safe Load, we represent the vanguard among vibration testing equipment suppliers and can advise you on which equipment is best for you. 

Please, contact us and we will commit ourselves to find the best solution for the optimization of your processes and products. 


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