We provide and manufacture transport simulation technology to simulate the real forces suffered by the loads during the distribution cycle, to optimize the product + packaging system, reduces damages and costs.

You need to reduce your losses during your supply chain

You seek a solution that involves installation, consultancy or training

You need a custom solution for your company

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  • We design and develop turn-key motion testing equipment
  • We offer training and consulting services in packaging engineering and transport simulation
  • Our solutions are customizable to fit your company needs.
  • We are able to upgrade your existing equipment in order to fit new requirements

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Why do I need my own vibration monitoring equipment?

Among the various tests that cargo should be subjected to in order to be transported safely and reliably, vibration tests are some of the most important, since they can be used to reproduce the vibrations experienced by the goods during the distribution cycle, and as...

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Which are the best packaging methods for my product?

The fact that packaging plays a major role in the distribution cycle is no news. Packaging has acquired a significant relevance in the last few years – all you need to do is look at the numbers. According to the ‘The Future of Global Packaging to 2022’ report, a 4%...

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Vincent Rouillard, from Real Vibrations, visits Safe Load TT facilities

Last week, we had the pleasure of receiving Vincent Rouillard, professorship in Mechanical Engineering at Victoria University (Australia) and one of the Directors of the company Real Vibrations in Australia. During the visit, Vincent was working with the engineering department of Safe Load TT testing and showing the potential of his control software in our vertical vibration system.

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